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Lake Sam Rayburn

Sun Rise on Sam Rayburn

Sam Rayburn Fishing Guide Casey Burleigh

Casey Burleigh - Personal Best on Sam Rayburn

A true outdoorsman, you’ll either find Casey Burleigh hunting lunkers, hogs, or deer - depending on the season. But then, if you ask him what he loves about fishing Sam Rayburn, or about his lovely wife, he is prone to wax poetic. According to Casey, while sunrise and sunset are beautiful on any lake, on Rayburn, for those first few seconds in the morning and last few in the evening, it’s like a painting, and nothing else matters when looking at something so spectacularly created by God.

Casey says he also loves fishing Sam Rayburn because he’s never fished anywhere more versatile. Any time of the year, you can catch bass in 1 foot of water all the way out to 40 feet, so it fits anyone’s style. He also claims Rayburn is home to some “mega fish,” which means any cast could be your dream catch. As for Casey, his personal best on Sam Rayburn is 10.3, but he’s still chasing a 16-pounder.

Fishing Sam Rayburn

Construction on the Sam Rayburn Reservoir started in 1956 and took 9 years and $66 million to complete - which bass anglers from around the country would say is just fine with them. The reservoir, located in East Texas, has proven over the past decades that it is a bass factory. In fact, Sam Rayburn is home to more than 300 tournaments annually, and in 2018, Rayburn was ranked number one by Bassmaster magazine for being the best bass lake in the nation.

With big creek and river arms, ample hydrilla and other vegetation, bush-covered flats and plentiful flooded timber, Casey is right, Rayburn really is a place where bass can be caught many different ways. With so much good fishing, it’s no surprise that the lake largemouth record of 16.8 pounds is also the ninth-largest ever caught in Texas.

Sam Rayburn Fishing Regulations

All species are currently managed under statewide regulations. You can read all about those at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website.

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