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Lake Fork

Aerial view of Lake Fork Reservoir

Lake Fork Fishing Guide Marc Mitchell

Fishing Guide Marc Mitchell's 13.83 pound bass

Lake Fork Fishing Guide Marc Mitchell has been a guide on Lake Fork since 1982. Marc has lived, fished and hunted the reservoir’s basin before the reservoir was impounded by the Lake Fork Dam in 1980. He literally knows Fork from the ground up and that intimate knowledge of Fork’s profile helps Marc anticipate where the fish are going to be, when and why. As far as we know, Marc’s guide service is the longest-running on Lake Fork and his personal best is a big fat 13.83 pounds.

Fishing Lake Fork Reservoir

Like most of the great lakes in Texas, Lake Fork is a man-made reservoir. The difference is that Fork was specifically created as a fishery, with initial stockings even before the lake was filled. Because of how the reservoir was established, it offers excellent fish habitat with 80% standing timber left intact, and Marc remembers most of it. Additional cover is provided by hydrilla, milfoil, and duckweed. As a result of all this, you’d be hard-pressed to find a top-ten list of bass fisheries that doesn’t include Fork, and why more than 65% of the Texas Top 50 largest bass (including the current state record) were caught from Lake Fork.

Lake Fork Stocking History

Lake Fork's most recent electrofishing survey report

Lake Fork Reservoir Fishing Regulations

To preserve the great Lake Fork Reservoir bass fisheries, the Texas Parks and Wildlife implemented a protected slot limit of no bass between 16 and 24 inches will be kept and will be returned into the waters of Lake Fork immediately. A 5 bass per day limit can be kept, consisting of 5 under 16 inches (406 mm), or 1 over 24 inches (609 mm), and 4 under 16 inches (406 mm). You can find more at

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Lake Pro Scouting Reports

Published every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. by guides who are on the water nearly every day, these scouting reports provide a general overview of the fishing conditions for the coming weekend.