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About Lake Pros

Helping Anglers of All Levels Catch More Fish

We believe any day spent fishing is a good day, but we also believe those days are a little better when you actually catch something. To help anglers of all levels catch more fish, Lake Pro Tackle sources information from local bass anglers to help you choose the best lures for the current fishing patterns.  

Lake Specific Lures, Filtered by Season, Water Clarity and Targeted Structure

We've convinced local fishermen - our Lake Pros - to tell us their top 10 or so go-to-lures for a specific lake and to describe how they determine which of those lures to throw on any given day. To purchase the Lake Pro's go-to lures, just visit our Shop By Lake section, pick your lake and filter the products according to season, water clarity and targeted structure for the lake you'll visit on your next outing. The Lake Pros also provide an update to their respective lake everytime they fish it, which is typically a couple times a week. Start shopping now

Our information is always fresh.  

What it takes to be a Lake Pro

We only work with a handful of Lake Pros on any particular lake, and we only service public access lakes. In order to become a Lake Pro, anglers must be able to demonstrate their fishing experience via tournament results, or through other verifiable data. We vet their experience so you can trust the data. Use the Lake Pro filters to get the lures that will put fish on your line. 

Do you have what it takes to be a Lake Pro?

If you are on the water at least 3 times a week, can read the patterns and consistently catch big bass, you may have just what we are looking for. Just complete an application and we'll get back to you.