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Lake Welsh, Texas

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About Lake Welsh

Like the majority of fisheries in Texas, Welsh is a reservoir. Welsh, however, is a little different from the other reservoirs that were built in the 50s and 60s for the purpose of flood control and water preservation in that it was specifically constructed as a cooling reservoir for the Welsh Power Plant. Owned and operated by AEP-Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO), the dam across Swauano Creek, a tributary of Big Cypress Creek creating Welsh Reservoir was completed in 1975. This makes Welsh a very popular winter fishery.  

Fishing Lake Welsh

At just shy of 1,300 acres, Lake Welsh is a relatively small fishery - by Texas standards. And while Welsh is considered an "excellent" fishery for Largemouth Bass, aquatic vegetation covers less than 5% of this lake's surface, so the gamefish have to work pretty hard for their next meal - making the records on this lake rather lean. The current record for Largemouth Bass on Lake Welsh was caught by William Ockerhausen in December of 1983 and was 27.5 inches long and weighed 15.23 pounds.

Lake Welsh Fishing Regulations

There are special regulations for fishing certain species on Lake Welsh. Visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website for information about Welsh's fishing records, stocking history and the latest survey report.


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