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G-Box 3200 Series Tackle Box


G-Box 3200 Series Utility/Split Foam Cases

Perfect for terminal tackle and small lures, the Gamakatsu G-Box Utility Case 3200 features a revolutionary divider management system that allows anglers to maximize their storage capacity and efficiency. Employing Gamakatsu’s micro-rib system, the dividers included with the Gamakatsu G-Box Utility Case 3200 are made to fit the positive and negative grooves on the box, allowing anglers to fine-tune each compartment. Complete with a secure single clasp, the Gamakatsu G-Box Utility Case 3200 eliminates wasted space with a cutting-edge divider system.

Built specifically for hooks, jigs, small hardbaits, and other razor-sharp Gamakatsu products, the Gamakatsu G-Box 3200 Slit Foam Case provides increased organization and functionality on the water. Lined with a slit foam insert with easy to see slots, the Gamakatsu G-Box 3200 Slit Foam Case provides an effective means for storing sharp items. Complete with a secure latch that allows for one-handed operation, the Gamakatsu G-Box 3200 Slit Foam Case offers an innovative and effective way to store a wide-range of items without worrying about tangling and snagging.

Dimensions: 8.1" x 5.7" x 1.6"