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Lake Fork Trophy Lures Craw Tube

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Lake Fork Trophy Lures Craw Tube: Watermelon Red Flake, 4"

The 4" Craw Tube features a ringed body and a pulsating skirt that creates a natural breathing action; and, the two “craw pinchers” imitate the defensive stance of a live crawfish and move more water in a swimming action that attracts fish whether the lure is on the fall, bounced along the bottom, or swimmed on a slow retrieve. The Craw Tube is the ultimate flipping tube when rigged on large tube jig heads or worm hooks. All methods imitate a live crawfish trying to escape. In addition to its natural action, the Craw Tube is Garlic & Salt Impregnated making it more appealing to fish.

Color: Watermelon Red Flake