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Lucky Craft iLV 50 Spin

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Lucky Craft iLV 50 Spin, MS American Shad

The Lucky Craft iLV50 Spin is a blade-style vibration bait designed to mimic baitfish species predatory fish feed upon. The iLV50 Spin is a throwback to some of the most effective shad imitation lures of all time; similar to the silver buddy style blade lures. Lucky Craft's unique iLV50 Spin features a detailed head section similar to the LV lipless crankbaits, which covers the front half of the bait giving way to a thin metal body section from which the "blade" name is derived and finally is finished with a small spade-shaped spinnerbait blade.

The key to the lure's success is the contrast of the thin metal to the thicker head section. When retrieving the Lucky Craft iLV50 Spin with a steady cadence, the lure will remain down in the water column as a result of the drag the head section creates. Most anglers fish blade baits with some combination of a popping/sweeping of the rod forward and then reeling in the slack. When given slack line, the iLV50 Spin will shimmy down through the water like a coin tossed into a fountain - back and forth reflecting light like the scales of a shad. When trying to forage fish, it's important to note that predatory species of fish are more likely to attack a weak or dying baitfish so alter your retrieve accordingly.