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Manns Loudmouth Crankbait

by Manns

Manns Loudmouth Crankbait

Aptly named, the Mann’s Loudmouth Crankbait delivers an ear-bursting acoustic that has been proven effective at the top-tiers of competitive angling. Constructed with an extra-hard polycarbonate body and a precise configuration of carbon steel rattles, the Mann’s Loudmouth Crankbait is among the loudest crankbaits on the market, and generates a large tonal footprint that lures bass in from a distance.

This distinct sound, combined with an incredibly lifelike finish and hard-hunting action, makes the Mann’s Loudmouth Crankbait a true big-bass magnet. Outfitted with premium split rings and razor-sharp Eagle Claw trebles, the Mann’s Loudmouth Crankbait delivers tried-and-true attraction that anglers will be "shouting" about.

Loudmouth I  3"  5/8oz  14ft 

Loudmouth II  2-3/4"  3/8oz  6-8ft 

Loudmouth III  2"1/4oz  3-4ft 

Color: Fire Shad LM III