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Papa's Worm Bar - first round - dnu

Papa's Worm Bar Full Bag - $5.99
Papa's Worm Bar Double-stuffed Bag - $9.99

Bulk Soft Plastics from Papa's Worm Bar

Price Comparison Price Ounces Price/ounce
Pre-packaged worms $4.79 3.25 $1.47
Our Full Bag $5.99 7 $0.86
Our Double-stuffed Bag $9.99 14 $0.71


With literally hundreds of lures to choose from, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store when you visit Papa's Worm Bar! Whether you opt for a Full Bag or a Double-stuffed Bag, when you shop for soft plastics at Papa's worm bar, you are going to save money!

Fill your bag in just 3 easy steps

  1. Select the color group for your bulk soft plastics
  2. Choose up to three types of lures
  3. Select your bag size

The Story Behind Papa's Worm Bar

Papa, our proprietor's father-in-law, was a dedicated family man and a passionate fisherman. A salesman by trade, when he wasn't traveling, he was taking care of his girls and fishing took a back seat. His dream for retirement was to open a bait shop. Sadly, Papa passed before he could fulfill his dream, so we've named our worm bar in his honor.