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  • Berkley X9 Braid (Low-Vis)

    Berkley X9 Braid

    from $18.99

    Berkley X9 Braid Designed for longer casting distances and maximum strength, the Berkley X9 Braided Line utilizes Berkley’s latest technologies ...

  • VMC Crossover Ring- Green Pumpkin

    VMC Crossover Ring


    VMC Crossover Ring An innovative and versatile approach to O-rings, the VMC Crossover Rings give you multiple rigging options. Featuring VMC’s uniq...

  • Keitech Easy Shiner- Alewife

    Keitech Easy Shiner


    The Easy Shiner has a wide-wobbling rolling action that drives predator fish wild! The finely cut tails cause the bait to swim perfectly at even t...

  • Megabass Sleeper Craw- Grass Craw

    Megabass Sleeper Craw


    Megabass Sleeper Craw The long-awaited, bottom scuttling, stealth craw has arrived. Sleeper craw harnesses the revolutionary performance of the sle...

  • Geecrack Bellows Gill- Green Pumpkin Candy Gill

    Geecrack Bellows Gill


    Geecrack Bellows Gill Creature Bait Is an exciting new soft plastic bait concept that mimics the unique swimming action and broad profile of a blue...

  • Megabass Sleeper Gill- Sunshine OB

    Megabass Sleeper Gill


    Megabass Sleeper Gill Swimbaits now offer anglers an alternative profile to target those panfish-gobbling bass. Featuring an adaptation of their si...

  • Santone Lures Got Five Spinnerbait- River Bream

    Santone Lures Got Five Spinnerbait

    Santone Lures

    Santone Lure Matt Herren's Got Five Spinnerbait: 3/8 oz Hand-assembled with only the finest quality components, the Santone Got Five! Spinnerbait ...

  • Spro BBZ 1 Rat- SIlver Chrome
    Save 25%

    Spro BBZ 1 Rat

    from Original price $27.99
    from $20.99

    Spro BBZ 1 Rat Re-released fall 2022, the Spro BBZ-1 Rat has a new tail design that is made out of Elaztech plastic. This new design fixes the pro...

  • All colors of the Loaded Swimbait

    Loaded Daingerous Swimbait

    Bass Mafia
    from $14.99

    Bass Mafia is proud to bring you the next evolution of the freshwater swimbait, exclusively designed in conjunction with professional angler, Chri...

  • River 2 Sea Tactical DD Crank- Metallic Shad

    River 2 Sea Tactical DD Crank

    River 2 Sea

    Tactical DD Crank Designed by Tactical Bassin’s own Matt Allen and Tim Little,the River2Sea Tactical DD Crankbait brings a new approach to crankbai...

  • 6th Sense Speed Wake 100 4k Gizzard

    6th Sense Speed Wake 100

    6th Sense Lure Company
    from $14.99

    6th Sense Speed Wake 100 The 6th Sense Speed Wake was created to wake the surface at the highest possible speed without the worry of a blow out. ...

  • Zimmer Instigator 8" Glide Baits (GEN ONE)

    Zimmer Instigator 8" Glide Baits (GEN ONE)

    Zimmer Bait Company

    Zimmer  8" Instigator Glide Bait (GEN ONE) Zimmer baits are hand-crafted, hand-tuned, and hand-painted. We take pride in taking care of our custome...

  • Picasso Tungsten Little Spotty Jig- Amber Red

    Picasso Tungsten Little Spotty Jig

    from $6.98

    Picasso Tungsten Little Spotty Jigs The Tungsten Little Spotty is constructed around a one-piece 97% tungsten head that is 40% smaller than lead a...

  • SPRO KGB Chad Shad 180- Bone
    Save 15%

    SPRO KGB Chad Shad 180

    Original price $59.99
    Current price $50.99

    SPRO KGB Chad Shad 180 Glide Bait After endless rounds of testing and design, the KGB Chad Shad ties onto anglers’ lines with the performance and ...

  • Owner Haymaker EWG

    Owner Haymaker EWG


    Haymaker EWG Is truly a one-of-a-kind design.  The extra wide gap can accommodate any soft bait, for any presentation.  The angled-up Super Needle ...

  • Berkley Slobbernocker Bladed Jig- Bama Bream

    Berkley Slobbernocker Bladed Jig


    Berkley Slobbernocker Bladed Jig Built to outperform any other bladed jig, the Berkley Slobberknocker combines innovative design and proven Berkle...

  • Bass Assets Kraken 5 red craw

    Bass Assets Kraken 5

    Bass Assets

    The Kraken 5 The Kraken 5 may look similar to other square bills out there but that's where it stops. We have tested and can get these baits down t...

  • Geecrack Bellows Shad- Honeydew

    Geecrack Bellows Shad


      Geecrack Bellows Shad Creature Bait Designed by Major League Fishing pro, Alton Jones Jr., the Geecrack Bellows Shad helped Alton win over 150K i...

  • Shimano World Minnow 115SP- Pro Blue

    Shimano World Minnow 115SP


    World Minnow 115SP Suspending jerkbait comes packed with Shimano lure technologies to make it the ultimate jerkbait on the market. The World Mi...

  • 6th Sense Quake 80 Suspending Lipless Crankbait- Bluegill

    6th Sense Quake 80 Suspending Lipless Crankbait

    6th Sense Lure Company
    from $9.99

    6th Sense Quake 80 Suspending Lipless Crankbait Taking a whole new approach to the lipless crankbait, the 6 Sense Quake Suspending Lipless Crankba...

  • Berkley Powerbait Pit Boss (4") red bug

    Berkley Powerbait Pit Boss (4")


    Berkley Powerbait Pit Boss Designed by Elite Series veteran and 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Skeet Reese, the Berkley Powerbait Pit Boss was c...

  • Jackall Rerange Jerkbait- Silver Shad

    Jackall Rerange Jerkbait


      Jackall Rerange Jerkbait A step above other jerkbaits in-terms of innovation and technical performance, the Jackall Rerange Jerkbait delivers ...

  • Zimmer Helion Swimbaits- Purple Gizzard

    Zimmer Helion Swimbaits

    Zimmer Bait Company

    Zimmer Bait Company 4.75" 1oz is a company dedicated to providing quality, hand-built baits. Our goal is to offer top of the line swim action, dura...

  • SNT Zine Magazine

    SNT Zine Magazine


    Scales-n-Tales Magazine for swimbait enthusiasts! Learn about the hottest swimbait trends and how you can step up your swimbait game! The most curr...