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  • Zoom Lizard- Baby Bass

    Zoom Lizard


    Zoom soft plastic baits are known throughout the bass fishing world as tough, dependable plastics that catch fish under every condition, and these...

  • Zoom Magnum Lizard- Green Pumpkin Blue

    Zoom Magnum Lizard


    In Texas and Mexico, the eight-inch lizard is a can’t miss option for the bass of a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean you should sleep on it when yo...

  • Strike King Rage Tail Lizard- Green Pumpkin

    Strike King Rage Tail Lizard

    Strike King

    Strike King Rage Tail Lizard: 6" Every appendage features Strike King®'s exclusive Rage Tail® design - thin on one side, thick on the other, to ac...

  • Creme Lures Lizard

    Creme Lures Lizard

    Creme Lure Co

    Creme Lures Lizard: 6" The Same Thing, Lizard, 6" long, 7 pk. Creme invented the plastic worm in 1949. Now we are proud to offer you these lures at...

  • V&M Wild Thang Lizzie- Bama Bug

    V&M Wild Thang Lizzie


    V&M Wild Thang Lizzie The Wild Thang has a very tight rippling tail action like no other worm in its class.  The motion is so life like it act...

  • Big Bite Baits Pro Lizard chartreuse

    Big Bite Baits Pro Lizard

    Big Bite Baits

    Big Bite Baits Pro Lizard: 6" Lizards are a top choice in the spring and catch fish throughout the year on Carolina and Texas Rigs. The arms and t...

  • Zoom Mini Lizard- Black

    Zoom Mini Lizard


    The Mini Lizard is a finesse option that packs a big punch, putting the worst enemy of a territorial fish in a compact package. Fish it on a downs...

  • Manns HardNose Lizard- Chart Pumpkin
    Sold out

    Manns HardNose Lizard


    Manns HardNose Lizard: 6"

  • River 2 Sea Nest Raider- Cal Tiger

    River 2 Sea Nest Raider

    River 2 Sea

    River 2 Sea Nest Raider Bedding bass are naturally aggressive, yet sometimes a small predator will only attract the ire of the smallest of the pai...

  • Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Lizard

    Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Lizard

    Lake Fork Trophy Lures

    Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Lizard: Green Pumpkin, 9" The action of the segmented body combined with the oversized paddle tail on this bait will ...

  • Berkley PowerBait Power Lizard Watermelon

    Berkley PowerBait Power Lizard


    Berkley Power Bait Lizard: Watermelon, 6" Berkley PowerBait makes novice anglers good and good anglers great! Berkley scientists have spent over 2...

  • Bitters 6" Lizard- Chartreuse Pepper
    Sold out

    Bitters 6" Lizard


    Bitters 6" Lizard A favorite bait for a Carolina Rig or fishing for bedding bass.We designed this bait so the legs and tail start squirming with th...

  • Lunker City Muddog- Natural Blue
    Sold out

    Lunker City Muddog

    Lunker City

    Lunker City Muddog, 5" Wide, ultra-thin leg and tail membranes based on our famous Hydro-Tail design, ripple at even the slowest speeds. The chunk...