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Don't just put lures in your tackle box, put fish on your line!

We choose all the lures, rods, reels, and tackle we sell in our store with one goal in mind: helping you catch more fish.

Lake Pro Tackle

Bulk Soft Plastics

Shop Papa's Worm Bar online and get 7 ounces of soft plastics for just $5.99. You get to pick your color and up to three lure types.

Papa's worm bar

Become a Lake Pro and Save

If you fish at least 3 times per week and understand the fishing patterns on several lakes, you may have what it takes to be a Lake Pro!

Apply NOw

Lures for Winter Fishing

Now that the weather has turned colder, it's time to change your strategy. Lake Pro Tackle has the lures you need to be successful now.

Get the best gear for your favorite lake

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Fish on Your Line

Get results like your fellow Lake Pro Tackle shoppers

Reel It In

Largemouth Bass, 7.4 pounds

Caught by Joey on Ray Roberts, Texas .

Reel It In

White Crappie, 13 inches

Caught by Andy on Muenster Lake, Texas .

Reel It In

Largemouth Bass, 4.13 pounds

Caught by Jill on El Salto, Mexico .

Reel It In

Rainbow Trout, 12 inches

Caught by Garrett on Private pond, Texas .