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  • Z-Man Goat Twin Tail Grub- Fire Craw

    Z-Man Goat Twin Tail Grub


    Z-Man Goat Crafted with an emphasis on versatility, the Z-Man Goat Twin Tail Grub delivers a lethal thumping action that works on a seemingly endle...

  • Big Bite Baits Ring Triple Tip Grub- Baby Bream

    Big Bite Baits Ring Triple Tip Grub

    Big Bite Baits

    Big Bite Baits Ring Triple Tip Grub: 2 in. This grub has great action and the ringed body moves water making panfish go crazy.

  • Zoom Fat Albert Grub- Bluegill

    Zoom Fat Albert Grub


    The Zoom Fat Albert Grub offers a chunky profile and high action tail, which make it a great choice as a beefed-up trailer for your jigs, buzzbait...

  • Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail Grub- Green Pumpkin Purple

    Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail Grub


    The Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail Grubs feature a fat, rippled body and a twin tail-spinning action designed to move a lot of water. The two curly tail...

  • Berkley PowerBait Power Grub Chartreuse

    Berkley PowerBait Power Grub


    Berkley PowerBait Power Grub  Berkley PowerBait makes novice anglers good and good anglers great! Berkley scientists have spent over 25 years perfe...

  • Yamamoto Scope Shad- Chartreuse Electric Blue

    Yamamoto Scope Shad

    Gary Yamamoto

    Yamamoto Scope Shad Although designed to be the perfect tool for forward facing sonar, the all-new Scope Shad is far from a one-trick pony. When...

  • Mister Twister Grub Teenie Tail- Chart

    Mister Twister Grub Teenie Tail

    Mister Twister

    Mister Twister Grub Tail: 6 in. Here's the perfect soft plastic lure in a great selection of colors for almost all game fish. It can be rigged on ...

  • Gary Yamamoto Double Tail Grub

    Gary Yamamoto Double Tail Grub

    Gary Yamamoto

    Gary Yamamoto Double Tail Grub: 5 in, Dark Pumpkin The Yamamoto Double Tail Grubs make great jig trailers or they can be added to a Yamamoto Skirt...

  • Motivated Goliath Grub- California Melon

    Motivated Goliath Grub

    Motivated Lure Company

    Motivated Goliath Grub Customer remommended, MoTivated delivered! Perfect muddy water spinnerbait trailer or great by itself for those big waters ...

  • Zman GrubZ

    Z-Man GrubZ


    Z-Man GrubZ Incredibly lifelike and durable, GrubZ are great fished on their own or make for the perfect jig or spinnerbait trailer. GrubZ are ...