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About Us

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Helping Anglers of All Levels Catch More Fish

Our mission: To help everyone, from new anglers to the tournament pro, be more successful out on the water by providing the best tackle and up-to-date fishing reports from local fisherman.

About Us

We are a tackle provider based out of Gainesville, Texas, originating from our love of fishing, and the desire to help other novice anglers be more successful.

Fishing a large public lake can be challenging, and most times it would be great to have a little inside information on what to throw and where to throw it. This small insight could turn a good trip into a great one, keep a youngster excited for the next one, or be the difference of finishing in the money or not. We source these nuggets of gold from the guys and gals that love being on the water as much as possible.

Fresh, "insider information" from our Lake Pros

Our lake pros are passionate about sharing their knowledge to help others figure out the pattern and get on the fish quicker. We offer our lake pros great discounts on all their purchases, regardless of the brand, so they are free to recommend what's actually working. Sometimes they suggest lures or brands we don't have in stock, so we add them to the store ASAP. This sometimes includes lures from individuals making them in-house on a small scale. We love that, because it gives us a chance to work with some great, innovative people, making specific lures for a local lake. We get to bring that local finesse to all our customers. 
This also gives us the opportunity to develop custom baits for other lakes, and build on the Lake Pro Tackle exclusives to help support smaller tackle brands made in the USA!

Building a community of fisherman.

We are excited to provide this platform to build a community of fisherman helping each other catch more fish, especially those that are new to the sport. We also hope to save you money by providing targeted gear for the lake you fish at the best possible prices.

Our Lake Pro information is always fresh.  

We only work with a handful of Lake Pros on any particular lake and we only gather reports on public lakes. In order to become a Lake Pro, anglers must be able to demonstrate their fishing experience and consistently update their reports. Use the Lake Lure filters to get the lures that will put fish on your line.

Do you have what it takes to be a Lake Pro?

If you fish your favorite lake every week and don’t mind sharing info on what baits, colors, and types of structure you're catching them on to help other anglers be more successful on their next trip, you have what it takes! Just complete an application and we'll get back to you. 

Visit Lake Pro Tackle in Gainesville, Texas - the biggest little tackle shop in North Central Texas

Located at Pond King headquarters, Lake Pro Tackle is chock-a-block full of rods, reels, lures and fishing tackle used by the professionals ... and now it's available to you right here.

Helpful, Knowledgeable Staff

Lake Pro Tackle's Store Manager Tim Metcalf is an avid bass fisherman and has served over 30 years in the Army! Samuel Climer is in charge of brand development and marketing for the store and he fished in high school and college tournaments during school. We have fished almost every lure in the shop and have vast amounts of knowledge to help you pick out the best lures for your fishing trip!

Store Information

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Sunday: Closed

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5900 W US Highway 82
Gainesville, TX 76240