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About Us

Lake Pro Tackle Shop

Lake Pro Tackle - the biggest little tackle shop in North Central Texas

Several years ago, Pond King, Inc. owner Brad Metzler was looking for information to help him pattern fish on a new lake. Surprisingly, there wasn't much available, so he came up with an idea to help anglers get current information,, where you can purchase weekly, online fishing reports. Recognizing there weren't many tackle shops located conveniently to our Guides that carried the variety of lures and fishing gear they are using, Brad opened the biggest little tackle shop in North Central Texas, Lake Pro Tackle. Located at Pond King headquarters, Lake Pro Tackle is chock-a-block full of rods, reels, lures and fishing tackle used by the professionals ... and now it's available to you right here at

Guide-Selected, Lake Specific Lures

What makes Lake Pro Tackle different from any other online tackle stores is that you can shop specific lake collections that feature lures and tackle that are being used by our Lake Pro Guides. By visiting our Shop by Lake section, you can select the lake you are planning to fish and get a free scouting report from a guide who is on that lake nearly daily. You'll also be able to shop the lures and tackle those guides are using to catch fish now. If you're a fishing guide and would like to learn more about becoming a part of the Lake Pro Guide and Tackle team, please visit Lake Pro Tackle Fishing Guide Programs.  

Helpful, Knowledgeable Staff

Lake Pro Tackle Store Manager Steve Corcoran is an avid Crappie fisherman, and our Pond King Fisheries Biologist Ethan Stokes is a tournament Bass fisherman. Each of our Lake Pro Guides spends more than 200 days on the water, and share their hot picks with us on a weekly basis. If one of our staffers hasn't fished an item you're considering, they surely know someone who has and can probably tell you all about it. 

Something New Each Week

Nearly every week on our Facebook page we feature a Tackle Tuesday video where Steve or Ethan will share what's new, or what's hot, in the tackle store, or they'll demonstrate different techniques for the gear we sell. Be sure to follow us.