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  • Zoom Trick Worm- Baby Bass

    Zoom Trick Worm


    The Trick Worm was the original floating worm, deadly for twitching and dead sticking weightless for a stealth approach to shallow water bass, but ...

  • Jackall Flick Shake- Bluegill

    Jackall Flick Shake


    Jackall Flick Shake Jackall has developed a specific Flick Shake Worm and Wacky Jig Head, which work together as a system. The Jackall Flick Shake...

  • Missile Baits Quiver 6.5"- Green Pumpkin

    Missile Baits Quiver 6.5"

    Missile Baits

    Missile Baits Quiver 6.5" The Quiver 6.5 is a 6.5” long straight worm that is designed specifically for the two hottest bass fishing techniques- th...

  • Lunker City Spanky- Albino Shad

    Lunker City Spanky

    Lunker City

    Lunker City Spanky - 5" The unique center-flex design of this heavy salted lure gives a throbbing "U" type action when hooked in the middle. Twitc...

  • Motivated 7D Shakeyhead- Green Pumpkin

    Motivated 7D Shakeyhead

    Motivated Lure Company

    Motivated 7D Shakeyhead The perfect clearwater killer for all bass! I have taken a liking to it especially for smallmouth, but you have a go at it...

  • Xcite Slim X- Redbug

    Xcite Slim X

    Xcite Baits

    Xcite Slim X At 6 1/4" long the Slim-X is the right size.  We put the egg sack in the middle of the bait to make it the perfect wacky rig bait.  No...

  • V&M Trickster, 6.5"- Junebug

    V&M Trickster, 6.5"


    V&M Trickster. 6.5" The V&M Trickster 6.5 offers more tail action than any other finesse worm on the market.  It’s “TRICKY” tail is consid...