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Become a Lake Pro

As a Lake Pro you will receive the following discounts in our store located just outside Gainesville, Texas and online at! 

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Be a Part of Our Community and Save Hundreds of Dollars on Tackle!

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At Lake Pro Tackle, our goal is to help bass anglers of all abilities have the best fishing experience possible each time they go out. If you fish a couple times a week and can pattern the bass on your favorite lake, we could use your help. If you are willing to share your favorite lures and post on our website each time you go fishing, you could be eligible to save as much as 30% off in our store in Gainesville, Texas and at

Our goal is to provide our website visitors the ability to shop for lake-specific lures and be able to read current posts about fishing those respective lakes. In exchange for your help, we're prepared to give you discounts on your Lake Pro Tackle purchases. 

    All we ask in return is that you help other bass anglers be successful!

    • Share your “go-to” lures for your favorite lake that is at least 1,000 acres, 
    • Tell us the season, water clarity and targeted habitat, you use those lures for, 
    • Let us know if something changes with your go-to lures, 
    • Post about your outings, with optional photos or videos, to each time you go fishing.
    • Must be fishing out of a boat or kayak.
    • Some exclusions on the discount apply: 
      • Cannot be combined with any other discounts
      • Cannot be combined with Lake Pro Tackle Rewards
      • A minimum order of $50 is required to receive free shipping at
      • Purchases not to exceed $2,500 per Calendar Year per Lake Pro 
      You can use a handle or pen name to make your posts. And we'll never ask you to give away your secret honey holes. We will ask that your updates include a general what, when, where and how and should ideally include a photo of your catch from that day. 

        Become a Lake Pro
        If you would like to save hundreds of dollars on gear you know you are going to purchase just for helping out other anglers, please tell us a little about yourself. If it looks like you're a good fit, we'll reach out with next steps in just a few days. Depending on how responsive you are about getting us your go-to lures, we can typically get you into our savings program in 5-7 business days from the date of your application. 

        Lake Pro Terms of Use

        In order to participate in any of these programs, you must read and agree to follow these terms and conditions.