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Become a Lake Pro - Help Create Bass Fishing Reports

Man holding largemouth bass

 Our mission is simple: To help all anglers be successful on the water.

Let's bring the Texas bass angling community together! 

At Lake Pro Tackle our goal is to help anglers of all abilities have the best bass fishing experience possible each time they go out on the water. 

Whether you fish a couple times a week or only a few times a month, you can help your fellow anglers have a fun day of fishing on the water.

    Be part of our Texas bass fishing community and save on tackle!

    • Level 1 - Scout: Any bass angler can be our "scout" by submitting a current fishing report on any of our Texas lakes. By doing so, you will receive a $5 voucher to use in the store or online. *limit 2 per month

    • Level 2 - Pro:  If you find yourself submitting 2 or more current fishing reports within the month, you've earned the "Pro" title and will earn a 20% voucher off your next order! *some exclusions apply

    • Level 3 - Elite: We're looking for selected individuals to be our "Elite" anglers and ambassadors of our current fishing reports. Elite members will save even more on fishing tackle! We'll be reviewing the reports our Scouts and Pros submit, and if we feel you'd be the right person to join our team, we will reach out to you by email. 

    Ready to earn free fishing tackle? Submit a current fishing report now!