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Become a Lake Pro and Save on all your Tackle Purchases!

Do you fish at least 3 times per week? Do you understand the fishing patterns on at least 3 lakes? Would you like to save 25% on all your tackle purchases? Then you should become a Lake Pro!

As a Lake Pro, you will be expected to provide:

  1. Your top 10 “go-to” lures for a minimum of 3 lakes, attributed to season, water clarity and targeted habitat
  2. Updates to that lure list as necessary 
  3. Comments, with optionals photos or videos, to your respective lake pages each time you go fishing ... for a minimum of 3 posts per week or more if you have something else to say!

In exchange for this information, you'll receive: 

  • 25% OFF all purchases, in-store and online ($100 minimum order to receive discount online)
    • Exclusions:  
      • All Zoom products are excluded from the 25% discount category. The maximum discount for any Zoom product is 20%
      • Cannot be combined with any other offer, including rewards
    • Limits: 
      • Purchases not to exceed $2,500 per Calendar Year per Lake Pro

Lake Pro Terms of Use

In order to participate in any of these programs, you must read and agree to follow these terms and conditions
Become a Lake Pro Contributor
Complete this application. We'll contact you with any additional questions or with next steps, depending on your qualifications.