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Lake Arlington, Texas

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Lake Arlington Fishing Reports

About Lake Arlington

Located just northwest of the DFW airport, Grapevine Lake is roughly 8,000 acres and is known for bass fishing, recreational boating, camping, and hiking. There are twelve boat ramps on Grapevine, but only two of are managed by the Corps of Engineers and available for free. You can find a complete list of boat ramps at Grapevine Parks and Rec

Fishing Lake Arlington

While you'll find a variety of sport fishing opportunities at Grapevine, it is best known for its Largemouth Bass population. The slot limit (see below) currently in place on Grapevine is designed to encourage the harvest of smaller Bass, thereby increasing resource availability for the larger Bass to achieve trophy-class status. You'll find that Grapevine doesn't have a lot of aquatic vegetation, but you'll find some emergent plants in the upper end of the lake. Most of the habitat in Grapevine is flooded timber, large boulders, and rocky shoreline. The record Largemouth Bass was caught in April 1999 and weighed in at 12.09 pounds and 27 inches. 

Lake Arlington Fishing Regulations

Grapevine has special regulations on some fishes. Visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website for information about Grapevine fishing regulations and records, stocking history, and the latest survey report.