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Lake Pleasant, Arizona

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Lake Pleasant Fishing Reports

About Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant is a large deep lake that sits just 43 miles away from Arizona’s largest city Phoenix. The water surface covers 10,000+ acres The shoreline extends 116 miles. The average depth of the lake is 70ft and the deepest part of the lake is 170 ft.

Fishing Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant has an abundance of hard structure and vegetation. Hard structure consists of boulders, rock piles, ledges, brush piles, man-made chunk rock banks, docks, and water diversion areas. There is an abundant amount of vegetation that grows in this lake in the form of shoreline tule thickets, cottonwood trees, submerged grass beds, and sometimes even floating vegetation or debris mats. Lake Pleasant also offers long points that can drop into deeper water, as well as creek channel swings. 

Lake Pleasant Fishing Regulations


Check state and lake regulations.