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Lake Pro Application

As a Lake Pro you will receive the following discounts in our store located just outside Gainesville, Texas and online at! 

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    All we ask in return is that you help other bass anglers be successful!

    1. Complete the application below
    2. Once approved, we'll send you instructions on how to create a wishlist of your favorite lures
    3. Post about your outings, with optional photos or videos, to each time you go fishing (40 posts per year)
    You can use a handle or pen name to make your posts. And we'll never ask you to give away your secret honey holes. We will ask that your updates include a general what, when, where and how and should ideally include a photo of your catch from that day. 

      Depending on how responsive you are about getting us your go-to lures, we can typically get you into our savings program in 5-7 business days from the date of your application. 
      Some exclusions on the discount apply: 
      • Cannot be combined with any other discounts
      • Cannot be combined with Lake Pro Tackle Rewards
      • A minimum order of $100 is required to receive free shipping at
      • Purchases not to exceed $2,500 per Calendar Year per Lake Pro 

        Lake Pro Terms of Use

        In order to participate in any of these programs, you must read and agree to follow these terms and conditions.