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6th Sense Slice Blade Bait


6th Sense Slice Blade Bait

Engineered to put more fish in the boat, the 6th Sense Slice Blade Bait strikes the perfect balance between finesse and power fishing. An outstanding year-round bait, the Slice Blade Bait is deadly when vertically jigged in the colder months and a crafty alternative to a lipless bait, helping anglers cover water throughout the rest of the season. The bodies feature a lifelike profile with 3D detailing and eyes to convince predators of their authenticity, as well as the show-stopping paint schemes anglers and bass alike have been drooling over since 6th Sense started introducing baits to the market.

With versatility being at the forefront of the bait’s design, the 6th Sense Slice Blade Bait offers anglers a wide range of retrieve types to more effectively target every section of the water column. The Slice Blade Bait relies on three different retrieve styles, simply place the premium snap in the most forward line tie if you are fishing shallower water or jigging vertically through ice or under the boat as it imparts a more horizontal swim pattern. Alternatively, attaching the snap on the middle eyelet is best for medium to fast retrieves in shallow or medium depths. Lastly, the third attachment point offers the most aggressive action on fast retrieves, yet also provides powerful action on slower retrieves in deeper depths. Outfitted with sticky-sharp treble hooks to capitalize every bite, the 6th Sense Slice Blade Bait is always a smart option to have tied on when pushing away from the dock.

Length Weight
2" 3/8oz
Color: Spanish Pearl