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Bagley Diving Balsa B

by Bagley

Bagley Diving Balsa B

This is the fastest-diving crankbait made:  big bodied and lead-lipped, with a dive-bomb descent angle that gets straight to hanging bass and a thumping balsa body action that ignites a violent strike. Unleash over a dropoff for suspended fish, or crank along a rocky bottom to draw eager predators like a free lunch.

  • Heat Compression Molded Premium Balsa
  • Welded wire-through design for greater lure strength
  • Equipped with precision weighting for superior action and maximum casting distance
  • Super buoyant, fast diving, thumping action
  • Hand tuned and tank tested
Length Weight Depth Hooks
 1.75'' 5/16 oz 7-8' 2

You can feel the action thumping in your rod tip, so use the medium tackle and 10 to 15 pound test. Fish 6-10 feet depth, cracking the bait's weighted lip off hard, rocky bottoms to replicate feeding baitfish and draw predators.

Length Weight Depth Hooks
2.25'' 5/8 oz 10-12' 2
Color: Tennessee Shad OB