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Bass Assets Alpha Blade Gen II


Bass Assets Alpha Blade Gen II

Over a year in R & D to bring you by far the most versatile bladed jig on the market. Truly innovative design no one has ever seen, the Alpha's give you the ability to swap your body or blades  to customize the bait to what you want. Don't think for a second that we'd put out a bait that did not hunt when twitched, run true, thump hard and crush fish. The retainer clip helps with deflection and doubles as your trailer keeper so once your trailer is on there is no way that clip comes off the shank, we tried. Gen 2 models now have and Double insurance egg clip and a V bend in the blade to enhance their performance. As always, 100% powder, clear coated, wire tied and made completely in Texas. Give them a shot and see how innovation and performance come together and why we named it the Alpha!
All the baits come with color matching blades and you can purchase others as well but whatever you do......Be an ALPHA and Don't Depend On Luck!!!!
Available in 3/8 and 1/2 oz sizes 

Some assembly required.

Color: Black/Blue Moon