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Bass Assets Kraken 5


The Kraken 5

The Kraken 5 may look similar to other square bills out there but that's where it stops. We have tested and can get these baits down to 6' on a good cast with a 14-pound test line. The blank is made of a proprietary material and is not the normal Polycarbonate everyone else uses. The Kraken's proprietary blank is more buoyant than Poly which helps tremendously with deflection and helps give it its unique sound.

The wide bill design creates a wide wobbling twist as you retrieve it and these baits will come through, over, and around hardcover like a dream. There is a weight transfer channel for the single tungsten ball which allows you to cast it even in windy conditions. We also went ahead and loaded them with Mustad, short shank, wide gap hooks. We have been R&Ding and building these for over a year and they are finally ready to get to work for you. "Release THE KRAKEN" and find out why we say ... Don't Depend on Luck!

Color: Holo Gray Shad