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Bass Assets The Truth Heavy Cover Jig


Bass Assets The Truth Heavy Cover Jig

Think you can handle The Truth? Professional Guide and big bass expert Capt Rick Harris designed this jig from the ground up and wow its awesome! The Truth is built on the time-tested Arky platform and loaded with a super large and heavy weed guard. We also modified the angle of the weed guard to make it, even more, snag-proof. This allows you to pitch straight into the heart of trees, bushes, laydowns, or whatever else you want and actually get the jig back.

We added a super heavy Mustad 5/0 Ultrapoint with a great wire keeper as well.  A combination of living rubber and true image silicone skirts are wire tied by hand and stay in place so you'll never need to worry about the collar stretching or breaking. Some awesome 100% powder coated and baked colors with a double layer of clear over that.

Nothing less than 20 lb fluorocarbon or mono and braid is great for these as well. The Truth is big bass hide in the nastiest places and The Truth is you can't get 'em with a conventional jig because you'll spend all your time being hung up. The Truth is these are probably the most durable and efficient jigs you can buy on the planet.

Color: Old Faithful