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Berkley Powerbait Buzz'n Speed Toad

by Berkley

Berkley Buzz’n Speed Toad 

Built for one thing and one thing only, to entice heart-stopping topwater strikes. The Berkley Powerbait Buzz’n Speed Toad is built with serrated feet that buzz and cut the water’s surface, creating a strike provoking topwater disturbance and sound. It is also made from a sturdy material for better durability so anglers can fish way back into heavy cover and catch multiple fish per bait.

On the top side, the Berkley Buzz’n Speed Toad is fitted with unique perpendicular hook point keepers, which give anglers the option to utilize their favorite single hook or double frog hook while maintaining a perfectly weedless presentation. On the bottom, a belly slot has an extended leading edge that keeps the bait from sliding up the shank for even more reliable hook ups as well. Infused with a heavy dose of exclusive PowerBait scent formula that makes fish hold on up to 18-times longer, giving you more time to set the hook, the Berkley Buzz’n Speed Toad is the perfect toad for triggering aggressive topwater strikes.

Length Quantity
4.25" 5ea per bag
Color: Black