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BKK Silent Chaser-Glide 'N Shake

by BKK

BKK Silent Chaser-Glide 'N Shake

The BKK Glide ‘N Shake is engineered to combine both gliding and shaking presentations. The innovative bullet-head head design allows for an optimal gliding action during the descent towards the bottom, and a flat surface on the front edge of the head makes it ideal for stand-up and shaking presentations once on the bottom. Hook size and weight are embossed on the head for easy selection.

The hook features the SS coating and a needle point to ensure excellent penetration performance and a forged shank for improved resistance.

The offset design eases Texas rigging soft plastics for a completely weedless presentation. Besides, the orientation of the hook eye reduces the chances of snagging as the hook – compared with an inline eye – is more likely to flip over the snag rather than leaning on one side.

Color: Black