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Booyah Boo Spin Rig


The BOOYAH Boo Spin Rig consists of a weighted baitfish-shaped head and a pair of spinnerbait blades attached to a super-strong, flexible wire, the Boo Spin Rig lets anglers attach any lure in their tackle box to create a look and action never-before-achieved. This BOOYAH rig lets you attach a shallow-running crankbait to a weightless, Texas-rigged swimbait behind the spinning blades and fish it at any depth.

  • Flexible spinnerbait system.
  • Match with crankbaits, jigs or swimbaits.
  • Structured short blade arm won’t tangle on the cast.
  • Snakes through wood cover.
  • “Bait-Chase” presentation for more strikes.
Color: Willow Alpine