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Clutch Swimbait Co. Darter Glide Bait


Clutch Swimbait Co. Darter Glide Bait

Designed in collaboration with herring lake specialist and renowned tournament angler, Justin Kimmel, the Clutch Swimbait Co. Darter Glide Bait features an anatomically correct herring profile that can be worked at an incredible rate of speed. A glide bait that allows anglers to cover water with the same efficiency as a spinnerbait or bladed jig, the Darter Glide Bait is superbly balanced thanks to a proprietary material lamination process that offers excellent buoyancy in a bait of its size.

Built with an ultra-thin body that provides a variety of retrieve methods, the Clutch Swimbait Co. Darter Glidebait delivers quick darting action around shallow cover when pitching short to the bank, and wide gliding action at the end of a long cast. Outfitted with premium hooks, split rings, and a realistic brush fiber tail, the Clutch Swimbait Co. Darter Glide Bait fills a new category of glide baits that amplifies drawing power with a non-threatening baitfish profile and high-speed darting action.

Clutch Swimbait Co. Length Weight Class
Darter Glide Bait 7-1/4" 2oz Slow-Sink
Color: Bronzeback Foil