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Decoy Switch Head

by Decoy

A football type sinker that allows you to create a joint rig with your favorite offset hook. The delta-shaped head can be used either front or back by removing the sliding pin and reversing it. Due to the characteristics of each shape, it is possible to switch between snagless mode, which has excellent slip-through, and stack mode, which reduces travel distance. This is a versatile joint head that covers a variety of situations.

For bass fishing, it improves the penetration power on thicker heavy mats, and when using salt water, it covers areas with fast currents and deep areas where the bottom is difficult to reach.


●Slide pin type joint head that can be attached to your favorite offset hook.
●Equipped with a switch system that allows the front and back to be used interchangeably. A delta-shaped football head that exhibits different characteristics in each direction.
●Gun black finish that blends well with all warm colors and doesn't look out of place.
●Uses sensitive hard material (lead alloy).