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Dixie Jet Falcon Spoon


Dixie Jet Falcon Spoon

Offering a mesmerizing action and increased hook-up ratio, the Dixie Jet Falcon Spoon is perfect for bass that are targeting large baitfish and not fully committing to the bait. Made from marine-grade brass, the Dixie Jet Falcon Spoon seductively flutters as it sinks through the water column just like a wounded or dying baitfish. It is also weighted so that it sinks away from you, which is crucial for targeting bass that are hiding deep under boat docks and overhanging cover.

Armed for battle, the Dixie Jet Falcon Spoon features three razor-sharp VMC treble hooks that help increase hook up ratios from fish that just swiping at the baits and give you the opportunity to hook multiple fish at once when they are aggressively schooling. Offered in highly realistic baitfish colors, the Dixie Jet Falcon Spoon will outperform all the other flutter spoons in your tackle box.

Weight: 1.25 oz
Color: Shattered Glass