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Dixie Jet Talon Spoon


Dixie Jet Talon Spoon

Designed to attract big fish with a seductive fluttering fall through the water column, the Dixie Jet Talon Spoon features the same action as the Dixie Jet Original Flutter Spoon but in a magnified profile that is several times larger in size. Built from marine-grade brass with a premium nickel finish, the wide surface area of the Talon delivers brilliant flash and erratic movement to attract predators from afar. Armed with three razor-sharp VMC treble hooks to ensure solid hooksets, this flutter spoon is deadly when the fish are only swiping but don't eat it as the side 'talon' trebles help complete the hook-up.

The unique falling action allows the Dixie Jet Talon Spoon to sink 1/2-1ft away from the boat for every 1 foot of depth it sinks in the water column making it ideal for accessing fish under docks or overhanging cover using the 'spoon jacking' technique. Outfitted with a premium ball bearing swivel and heavy-duty split rings throughout, the Dixie Jet Talon Spoon is ready to battle with aggressive gamefish in both fresh and saltwater environments. Proudly Made in the USA!

Weight: 1.75 oz
Color: White