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Evergreen Last Ace 140 Swimbait


Evergreen Last Ace 140 Swimbait

Built with realistic 3D fins that act as a stabilizer to suppress exaggerated rolling action, the Evergreen Last Ace 140 Swimbaits camouflage the existence of the hook and deliver an ultra-realistic movement with a slimmed-down tail section. Crafted from super-tough soft plastic material to withstand the rigors of frequent use, the super-realistic appearance and action are the result of advanced design techniques that ensure it accurately mimics the movement of real baitfish.

Equipped with a size #2 treble hook that delivers rapid hook penetration, the line-through rigging system boosts your hook-up ratio by allowing the swimbait to slide up the line after a bite so the fish is unable to gain leverage spit the hook. Available in carefully selected colors that enhance visibility and appeal in various water conditions, the Evergreen Last Ace 140 Swimbaits include a slow-sinking rate of fall that allows it to navigate through the water with an enticing swimming motion.

Evergreen Length Weight Class
Last Ace 140 5.5" 3/4oz Slow-Sinking
Color: Baby Shad