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Evergreen Piccolo PC-5 Crankbait


Evergreen Piccolo PC-5 Crankbait

A world standard small crank piccolo created by Morizo Shimizu.

Easy casting ability while still having a small body and fixed weight. Striking the best flight distance beyond the common of all small crank baits. A sharp action that moves the water by grasping the water firmly and a pull feeling transmitted to the hand and can be used with the same feeling as a normal size crankbait. Easy to use small crank that matches well with BFS fishing enthusiasts. 

Round shape that secures air capacity inside the body and creates sufficient buoyancy. Equipped with the necessary and sufficient amount of weight to increase the flight distance. One size larger #8 hook can be mounted on the body.


  • Weights are concentrated on the lowest part of the body. The sharpness of the action has increased due to the lower center of gravity. Because the center of gravity is fixed and the action is stable, swim more stably and dive deeper than normal center of gravity balance.
  •  Because unnecessary ribs can be eliminated, the air capacity inside the body increases, contributing to increased buoyancy.
  •  Horizontal Wide Bill contributes to long cast with an angle and shape that eliminates air resistance as much as possible. Grasp water in a wide area and dive at a steep angle.
  •  The Piccolo comes rigged with high-strength treble hook and treble magic fluorine coat specifications that are easy to hook and hard to bale. (Size: # 8)


Length Weight Depth Class
1.5" 1/4oz 4-5ft  Slow Floating
Color: Bleeding Brown Craw