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G-Box 3700 Series Tackle Box


G-Box 3700 Series Utility Case

Great for terminal tackle, soft plastics, and hard baits, the Gamakatsu G-Box Utility Cases 3700 utilizes Gamakatsu’s innovative divider system, which gives anglers a more precise organization. Fitted with one large, easy to open clasp, the Gamakatsu G-Box Utility Cases features a series of molded grooves that have been placed closer than traditional stowaways, which allow anglers to place their dividers exactly where they want them, resulting in more space and more exacting storage. Included with two adhesive labels for easy identification, the Gamakatsu G-Box Utility Case 3700 provides effortless storage that accommodates a wide-range of baits and accessories.

Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 2"