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Gene Larew Ned Rig Pighead Jig


Gene Larew Ned Rig Pighead Jighead

The Pighead is used for the popular and highly effective Ned-rig technique, and offers quality, durability and performance - all in one bite-size package. Featuring a flat-faced football head construction, which allows it to negotiate rocks and hard structure with minimal snagging, it also features a cable weedguard that keeps the hook point clear of debris for sure fire hooksets as well.

It is armed with a super sharp sickle-shaped Mustad Skipjack hook for greater hook penetration and increased fish retention, as well as, a fully coned bait keeper that holds your bait securely in place without the need for super glue. Available in a range of sizes, the Gene Larew Pighead Jighead delivers outstanding performance for all your Ned-rig needs.