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Heddon Triple Threat

by Heddon
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Heddon Triple Threat

 contains two Tiny Torpedo probaits and one Baby Torpedo probait. These propbaits can be worked by slowly twitching and pausing or reeled constantly at a medium pace. These topwater lures feature a single prop that spit water resulting in an action that bass can't resist. The Torpedo is great in rivers, ponds and lakes. 

Heddon Triple Threat contains:

  • 1 - Baby Bass - Heddon Tiny Torpedo
  • 1 - Bullfrog - Heddon Baby Torpedo
  • 1 - Black Shiner - Tiny Torpedo  

Key Features:

  • Single prop that spits water
  • Slowly twitch and pause or reel constantly at a medium pace
  • Great in rivers, ponds and lakes
    Color: Shad