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Jackal Kaera Frog

by Jackall

Jackall Kaera Frog

Designed to not only draw big strikes, but to capitalize on them as well, the Jackall Kaera Frog delivers the perfect blend of form and function. Built with a unique, flat-sided body, the Jackall Kaera Frog maneuvers through heavy vegetation with ease, produces a seductive walking action, and pushes more water than other frogs for an increased attraction.

When big bass strike, the Jackall Kaera Frog features a wide, specially developed hook that results in an excellent hook-up ratio. Offered in a number of awesome amphibian colors, the Jackall Kaera Frog is sure to meet-and-exceed the expectations for frog enthusiasts. 

Jackall  Length Weight
 Kaera Frog 2-1/4"  1/2oz
Color: Red Frog