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Keitech Mad Wag

by Keitech

Keitech Mad Wag

An appetizing treat for any bass, the Keitech Mad Wag glides through the water with a fluttering action that gets bass salivating. The special plastic densities and “Thick Bone” tail design generate a provocative wiggling motion. The Keitech Mad Wag also features a ribbed body and a uniquely designed Point Guard System (PGS) that allows for a completely weedless presentation and increased hooking capabilities. A space in the ribbing along the body was engineered to allow the hook point to penetrate cleanly on both sides and rest inside the rib. Cured in a tasty salt brine, the Keitech Mad Wag works best with a steady retrieve, and can be used as a jig trailer, Texas-rigged, or Carolina-rigged. If you’re looking for an outstanding soft plastic bait with a great action, the Keitech Mad Wag is the one for you. 


  • Length: 7"
  • Recommended Hook Size: 3/0 offset
Color: Midnight Blue