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Lucky Craft Pointer 100XD

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The Lucky Craft Pointer XD is an extra deep diving jerk bait, designed to dive deeper than any other Lucky Craft Pointer. They still have the distinctive action unique to the Lucky Craft Pointer family thanks to the characteristic brass weighting system. The weighting system creates a low center of balance, causing the Pointer XD to wobble and vibrate whenever the retrieving motion is stopped. A short twitch of the rod tip is all you need to generate the characteristic underwater "Walk the Dog" action that sets the Lucky Craft Pointer Series apart from other jerk baits or rip baits on the market. Available in two different sizes, as well as a multitude of colors to match with the forage in your local waters, the Lucky Craft Pointer XD's are up to the task and provide anglers with another effective presentation.

Color: Chartreuse Shad