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M-Pack Football Jig

by M-Pack

M-Pack Football Jig

When you're going after deep-water bass, reach for M-Pack's Football Jig. Fish it along the edges, ledges, rocky slopes and rocky points where bass hang out. Unique head design enables the jig to stand up when it's dragged on the bottom, mimicking foraging prey. High-quality 52-strand silicone flash skirt and triple-grip trailer keeper allow fishing around rocky structures. Mustad Ultra Point 5/0 hook provides solid hooksets. Powder-coated finish. Made in USA.

Football Jig Features:

  • Mustad Ultra Point 5/0 Hook for Sweeping Hook Sets
  • High-Quality Powder Coat Protection
  • Triple Grip Trailer Keeper
  • 52 Strand Silicone Flash Skirt
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.
    Color: Black/Blue