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M-Pack Swimbait Head

by M-Pack

M-Pack Swimbait Head

Built to target big bass in heavy cover, the M-Pack Lures Swimbait Heads allow anglers to navigate the most tangled terrain thanks to a revolutionary weedguard system. Perfect for grass, brush, and rocky lake floors, the M-Pack Lures Swimbait Heads feature a recessed line-tie and M-Pack Lures’ Structure Guard weedguard, which deflects snags without collapsing.

Held in place with a rubber stopper, the innovative Structure Guard is designed to roll to the side on hook sets, allowing the razor-sharp Gamakatsu hook to penetrate quickly. Molded with two different trailer keepers along the shank, the M-Pack Lures Swimbait Heads keep soft plastics firmly in-place. Built with a molded collar for easy skirt attachment, the M-Pack Lures Swimbait Heads allow anglers to fish heavy cover with confidence. 

Color: Shadtruese