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Megabass Deep X 300

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Megabass Deep X 300

The ultimate deep-cranking tool, the Megabass Deep-X 300’s multi-way balancer system (PAT.) Allows for long casts and steep dive angles. This powers casts for extra distance, and gets you down to a target depth of 12 to 15 feet in a hurry. This allows for maximum time in the target zone, and also magnifies angler input for strike-inducing action.

Designed to be more than your conventional bottom digging deep crank, the balancer system is tuned to maximize twitches and jerks in open water. This creates the irregular kind of action often associated with deflections, which appeals to suspended fish relating to structure. The Megabass 3eep-X 300 is perfect for offshore ledge fishing, sloping points and deep grass beds, and is particularly effective during the post-spawn, or when water temps are over 70 degrees.

    Color: Spawn Cherry