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Megabass P5 Destroyer (USA)&(JDM)


Destroyer P5 (USA) F3.5-611XS Addermine

A revamp of a Megabass classic, this is the ultimate dropshot rod for 1/4-3/8oz weights. This rod is extremely effective around dock and open water giving you the freedom to choose where you want to fish. Medium, Fast, 1/8-1/2oz, 5-12lb, $499

Destroyer P5 (USA) F6-73X FMJ

Built for bottom-contact domination, the FMJ delivers refined sensitivity, intuitive loading characteristics, and a silky-smooth power delivery. Designed with the perfect upper blank tension to navigate gnarly terrain and the ability to transmit contact and composition with surprising clarity, FMJ brings jigs to life with devastating effectiveness.

Destroyer P5 (USA) F7-75X BMG

FMJ's bigger brother,BMG, unlike its sibling, has a slightly softer tip section to facilitate bottom dragging with swing-heads, football jigs and carolina rigs where a bit more “give” is required to prevent targets from feeling unnatural blank tension on the bite. Bmg’s blank loads with decisive power for control over heavier jig offerings and powerful hooksets.

Destroyer P5 (USA) F5-72X Daemos

With intuitive loading characteristics and a wellspring of power, the Daemos is a demonically accurate snipe-caster built to take single-hook applications to the next level. Ideal for swim jigs, spinner baits and buzzbaits. The Daemos has the compact precision and toughness to dominate tight cover and structure situations.

Destroyer P5 (USA) F4.1/2-611X Oneten Special

Designed to maximize the potential of the Vision Oneten jerkbait line, the proprietary 5D blank exhibits a crisply responsive—yet supple—action, much like a refined sportscar’s suspension equally at home on the road or track. Whether transmitting precision angler input or absorbing nerve-wracking head shakes, the Oneten Special loads with intuitive delight, inspiring instant confidence.

Megabass Destroyer P5 (JDM) F5.5-72X The X-Bites

Named in honor of the storied “X-Bites” Japanese fishing program, the f5.5-72x rises to the challenge of extreme conditions and unspeakably tough bites. The extra-fast taper of the X-Bites commands bottom contact rigs in the depths with supreme confidence, delivering pinpoint feedback to heighten angler awareness and lure presentation. In addition to staple ½ and ¾oz weights, the x-bites is able to handle lighter texas rigs in deeper water, adding a subtly devastating option to fill out limits on tough days. The rod’s lightweight and balanced design, coupled with intense sensitivity, delivers the kind of performance that will conquer the toughest competitions.