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Megabass GH70 Flatside


Megabass GH70 Flatside

The GH70 Flatside minnow is a trout-tuned variant of the X-70 minnow jerkbait. Developed to agitate with big flash and action, GH70's flat-sided design displaces big water and catches predator's eyes with a compelling high-pitch rolling action. Twitches of the rod generate wide side-to-side darting action, emulating a natural, panicked baitfish reaction that activates neutral targets. Carefully sculpted and hand finished to induce no-holds-barred reaction bites.

The GH70 Flatside fished with a straight or twitch style retrieve is a powerful weapon to attack both current and slack waters alike. The suspending nature of the GH70 also allows a dead-drift presentation in current, closely mimicking wounded forage to get up close and personal with trout and river smallmouth.

Color: PM Ayu