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MegaBass Magslowl

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MegaBass Magslowl: 5"

Tailor-made for slow retrieves, Megabass MAGSLOWL 5  is a 5in. swimbait built to lure predators with a sultry tail kick. Unlike the Megabass MAGDRAFT, Megabass MAGSLOWL 5’s head section is intended to stay still, concentrating action in the thin, shapely tail section. The softer, tapered tail material activates with the slightest movement, undulating side-to-side with an extremely natural and realistic swimming action. Softer material is key for slower retrieves and colder waters, making Megabass MAGSLOWL 5  an ideal match for the medium retrieve speed of the head-shaking and tail-wobbling Megabass MAGDRAFT.

  • Sensitive tail section responds to the slowest retrieve speeds
  • Body designed in pursuit of most responsive action. Extremely sensitive tail shape.
  • Comparison with the Megabass MAGDRAFT shows difference in action response at slow retrieve
  • Internally equipped Neodymium magnet secures hook in ideal position from cast through retrieve. Securing the hook along the belly minimizes water resistance and visual profile, while also allowing the magnet to work as a weight balancer for smoother, more natural and realistic swimming action.
  • Feathered treble hook reduces body wobble

Megabass MAGSLOWL 5 is equipped with a long feathered treble hook to stabilize swimming action and further hide trebles from sight, especially during long, slow retrieves. Long feather also adds extra visual appeal.

Color: Blue Shad