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Megabass Orochi X10 Rods


Megabass Orochi X10 Rods

Medusa | F3st-611XTS | 6'11" | X-Fast | 1/8-1/2oz | 4-12lb : The MEDUSA finesse spinning rod is a bottom-contact special with a highly sensitive solid tip and deep wellspring of lifting power to secure hard-won bites. Perfect for sparse cover approaches using light rigs, deep water drop-shotting, no-sinker rigs and long-distance searches with light plugs, MEDUSA's solid tip yields invitingly to short bites for new hooking opportunities. Anchored by a deceptively strong butt section, X10 blanks deliver decisive hooksets and sure control throughout the fight. MEDUSA is a long-distance and deep-approach model equipped with a solid tip to deliver delicate sensitivity and convert light bites to conquer the toughest fields.

JadePython | F3.5-70XTS | 7'0" | Med-Fast | 1/8-5/8oz | 6-16lb : The JADE PYTHON, the renowned high-power spinning model, has been revitalized with X10 organic fiber. The X10 material reinforces the rigidity of the butt section, which allows anglers to attack tangled timber and intricate bushes with lightweight rigs. In addition to its high-torque characteristics, the new JADE PYTHON benefits from the X10's lightweight construction for nimble handling and integrated feel. With the kind of sensitivity that enables the angler to trace bottom composition with clarity, JADE PYTHON stands out in subtle transition areas, sparse cover and complicated structure where navigations happens by feel. JADE PYTHON also excels in long distance applications with minnows, shad, and small vibrations in windy situations where baitcasting equipment often under-delivers. A masterpiece of high-torque spinning is reborn for modern waters.

Rapid Viper | F3-610XT | 6'10" | Med-Fast | 1/4-5/8oz | 8-18lb : The RAPID VIPER is built for fast-moving medium to small sized lures and light Texas rigs, empowering anglers with a sense of featherweight maneuverability. The X10's ultra-lightweight blanks transmit a perfect balance of tension and forgiveness and generate outsized castability to expand the precision attack range of lightweight lures. The essence of the RATTLE VIPER lies in the union of light cranking and light softbait games within a single rod. Its dynamic performance makes it a preferred tool for bank fishing, where selection is often restricted by mobility.

Jabberwock | F4-68XT | 6'8" | Fast to Regular | 1/4-3/4oz | 8-20lb : The JABBERWOCK, once the core of the Destroyer's mid-weight versatile rods, has been reborn with X10 blank technology for the modern era. Ideally suited for aggressive, fast-moving tactics with the VISION ONETEN series, DEEP-X series, vibrations, spinnerbaits, and bladed jigs, as well as long distance games with medium to large topwater plugs such as the I-WING, angler presentations can be controlled delicately or boldly at long distances. JABBERWOCK exhibits a sharp, fast-taper design that contributes to high sensitivity at low loads. At high loads, the bend curve deepens, shifting to a regular taper to absorb surging targets and quick load-changes. The JABBERWOCK, once the benchmark for versatility, has reawakened as a key player in the Orochi X10 series.

Bandersnatch | F5-70XT | 7'0" | Med-fast to Regular | 3/8-1oz | 10-25lb :Drawing inspiration from the Destroyer® BANDERSNATCH, the F5-70XT is designed to dominate the power fishing game with medium to heavyweight lures. Re-engineered with X10 blank material to bring its updated specs to modern waters, BANDERSNATCH is made for anglers who challenge big fish with aggressive deep cranking, larger topwaters, swimbaiting, and slow-rolling heavy spinner baits. The X10's lightweight and torquey characteristics deliver an intuitive feel with a high power-to-weight ratio, delivering the aggressiveness required to cover fish with 3/8oz. jigs and Texas rigs. BANDERSNATCH is a versatile medium-heavy challenger, built for monster approaches.

Anaconda | F9-710XT | 7'10" | Regular | 1-7oz | 16-40lb : Like its namesake, ANACONDA is built to overwhelm record-class targets with relentless torque and power. Ideally suited for punching and frogging in super heavy cover areas, long distance games with big swimbaits, and approaches with magnum baits up to 7 oz., ANACONDA is ready to take the fight to bass fishing destinations around the world. ANACONDA is a full-contact, extra-heavy rod that sends big baits to the farthest reaches with ease, boldly challenging monsters used to lurking just out of reach. X10 blanks are strong and lightweight, enabling superb balance to reduce angler fatigue on the front lines.