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Megabass SonicSide Crankbait


Need a bait that can dominate in cold water? The Megabass® SonicSide Crankbait is specially adapted to take sluggish bass in tough conditions. This heavy-duty, flat-sided square-bill crankbait features a reinforced, 1 mm thick, molded circuit board lip that reacts instantly to contact with hard structure such as riprap and ledges. The SonicSide Crank's high-pitched shimmy is tuned for a completely natural underwater vibe, with stationary internal weights to ensure a silent, stealthy approach; these weights are optimally positioned to enable extra-long casts with smooth, stable retrieves. A sleeper for warm water as well, when a different approach is needed to trigger extra bites.

  • Ideal for triggering sluggish bass
  • Heavy-duty, flat-sided square-bill
  • Reinforced, 1 mm thick circuit board lip
  • Reacts instantly to contact with hard structure
  • High-pitched wiggle; no rattle
  • Internally weighted to cast long, run stable
  • Great in cold or warm water
Color: HT Ito Tennessee Shad