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Megabass SV-3 Spinner Bait


Megabass SV-3 Spinnerbait

Crafted for victory in the toughest fields, the sv-3 draws inspiration from the legendary v-3, which earned its place in history as one of the pioneers in baitfish-head spinnerbaits. Our “super” v-3 spinnerbait is the embodiment of design and angling expertise, developed for top-level pros competing in the most challenging tournaments. This most recent masterpiece-comes fully loaded with a number of innovative specs to earn its place in angler arsenals for years to come.

LSAA wired platforming

The new lsaa (level swimming angle arm), a Megabass original, not only produces a naturally horizontal swimming action but when stopped on the retrieve will suddenly shift posture to trigger bites. The proprietary design reduces air resistance during casting and offers an ultra-compact profile, for a stealthy shape that keeps hard-knock fish focused on the prize. Additionally, the sv-3 utilizes stout steel wire for outstanding durability, refining blade shape, and configuration to deliver the kind of irresistible, pulsing vibration that was only possible with conventional delicate-wire variants. Virtually snag-free from any entry angle, the sv-3 employs a triangular platform shape refined over three decades, optimized for an incredible hookup rate.

Drop & Delta Balancing HSV Head

Fine-tuned through extensive testing, the head shape ensures an incredibly true retrieve even at high speeds, righting itself after contact with next-level responsiveness.

Incredible SV-Blade

Carefully tuned to deliver outsized vibration to match thick-gauge stainless wire, the sv-blade’s sharply creased shape, and selective texture combine to produce compelling vibrations and intensely strobing flash to trigger bites with greater certainty. The lively flash flickers dynamically as the angle of rotation changes, delivering vibrations and pulsations so well-defined that you can feel them in the handle of your rod.

Hiramen Skirt

Reminiscent of a tai Kabura jig, the flow of the skirt responds to the vibrations of the blades and the speed of the retrieve, creating a unique lifelike appearance. On the fall or during slow retrieves, the skirt undulates seductively, eliciting a natural reaction in every case. Your chances of a bite will skyrocket.

Color: White Python