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Megabass Vibration-X Ultra


Megabass Vibration-X Ultra

Is unmatched in its class, with a realistic bluegill/shad profile that will visually trigger devastating reaction strikes. However, the real key to the ultra lies in its revolutionary design: instead of relying on the shape of the head to produce the desired action (which requires a lot of water resistance to kick-start), the Vibration-X ultra utilizes internal balancers that activate action instantly. This system focuses on the tension between balance/imbalance as the driving force behind the tight action necessary to create vibration, resulting in a lure that never fails to deliver. This design allows the Vibration-X ultra to be fished at any speed while producing a tight vibration that will generate strikes from both aggressive and non-aggressive targets

Length  3"

Weight 1/2oz

Hook     #4, #6

Color: Kanehira