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Mr. Crappie Fish Pick/Hook Sharpener


Mr. Crappie Fish Pick Sharpener/Hook Remover

Is designed to more easily get into the fish's mouth and more safely extract the hook. Plus, it's thin, so it can find deep, swallowed hooks with ease. If that isn't enough, this fishing tool has a retractable shaft that is a knife-sharpening diamond rod with a diamond hook groove in its side. This way you can keep all of your hooks and fishing knives razor sharp and ready for fishing. Smith's Mr. Crappie fish-hook remover has an ergonomic, soft-grip handle for more comfort and control. Built-in lanyard hole.

  • Extracts hooks from your fish more easily and safely
  • Thin design can disgorge deep-swallowed hooks
  • Diamond rod shaft sharpens knives
  • Diamond hook groove sharpens hooks
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • Retractable shaft